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The Four Aims of the High Seas High School

1. Development and strengthening of self–reliance and of the willingness to take responsibility within the group.

2. By being included in all duties of life on board and in sailing the ship, participants will turn into responsible seamen. At the same time mastered challenges and the daily experience that they are needed on board the ship will help the young people become mature, resilient, self–confident and relaxed personalities.

3. Contents of the different subjects will be placed within their original and concrete contexts. By means of original motivation to learn, the young people experience both the joy of studying and direct learning successes.

4. The young people get to know and understand different people, cultures and countries. They develop the ability to communicate and also a sense of community which surpasses the limits of states, nations and races.

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The Project:

The Project "HSHS"
Four Aims
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