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Studying under Sails
The 11th grade on Board

The curriculum aboard the ship is characterized in particular by its exceptional location and the atypical didactic choice. It enables the students to study in a very direct way. Aboard the ship there are many things that are much more important than just "solid knowledge". Although the grammar school‘s curriculum only serves as guideline for orientation, it is guaranteed that students will be able to continue their studies in the 12th grade without any problem.

Lessons in all kinds of weather
Lessons on board the ship will be combined with watches and other nautical duties. This means a daily change of watch and lessons. Sunday is free of lessons. On Sunday only watch and kitchen duties will take place. Wind and weather permitting, lessons will take place. This is the reason why the focus of the lessons is on the calmer stretches like for example between Tenerife and St. Vincent and Martinique and between Costa Rica and Cuba.

During the time at sea the topics of the lessons will draw inspiration especially from the ship, the weather and the sea. Time during the stays on land for several weeks is distributed differently, but is not completely without studying. Lessons on board follow the principle of discovering and developing one's own methods of studying. This concerns theoretical topics as well as finding out about craft skills by yourself. Teachers on board the ship are never the only transmitters of knowledge.

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The Project:

The Project "HSHS"
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Studying under Sails (2)

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