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<  It didn’t matter whether HSHS was setting sails on the three–masted topsail schooner "Fridtjof Nansen" from Wolgast in the first years, or later on the "Thor Heyerdahl" from Kiel. The crucial point was to have the father of Expeditionary Learning philosophy, Kurt Hahn (1886–1974), aboard the ship too. Dr. Hartwig Henke, founder of HSHS at Hermann Lietz–Schule Spiekeroog, feels committed to the ideals of educationalists Pestalozzi and Lietz. This means to educate not only young people’s minds, but also their hearts and hands.

Learning how to debate and testing of limits
There could be no better place to combine the two ideas than aboard an old sailing ship which is full of challenges and opportunities to experience one’s own limits. Here students see that they have more in them than they realize. They learn that personal animosities can be surpassed by a big common goal and that conflicts can be solved without losing face. "You realize you cannot escape from conflicts. No money in the world will help you here. But you know you are never alone." This is how Jasmin Schmidt, a former participant, describes her experiences. She found friends for life on the "Thor". Young people are just "outward bound", prepared for their journey into life. And if this journey starts aboard a three–masted tall ship it is just as well because it is here that mind and heart are close together.


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