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High Seas High School
Das segelnde Klassenzimmer®
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What about the "HSHS"?
Young people between the ages of 15 and 18, all of them students in their sixth and seventh year at grammar school, navigate through the oceans on a traditional sailing ship. Starting out from Germany they sail via the Canary Islands and Guatemala to Cuba and the United States, and then back across the Atlantic Ocean to Wilhelmshaven, where they arrive after a 6 months cruise. The students share responsibility for running the ship, live in a close–knit community together with the crew and teaching staff, have their school lessons on board and take part in land based excursions through Guatemala, in Cuba and in Philadelphia in the United States. They return as young adults, having gained in maturity, strength and composure. This is not an pedagogical utopia, but school on the sea: the "High Seas High School" (HSHS).

The Hermann Lietz–School on the island Spiekeroog located in the North Sea has been running the "HSHS" project since 1993. What this entails is up to 28 school students from various boarding schools or high schools spending several months afloat on a traditional sailing ship, during which time their school lessons are held on board. The aim of this school project, which is unique in Germany, is to strengthen young people’s sense of personal responsibility and prepare them for adult life in society. The "High Seas High School®" is located on the sail training ship "Thor Heyerdahl", which was built in Holland in 1930. Between 1979 and 1983 it was restored at the port of Kiel in Germany and enlarged into a three–mast top–sail schooner. Since then it has been in use for adventure training voyages (Outward Bound) with young people.

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The Project:

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