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High Seas High School®
Das segelnde Klassenzimmer
Summer 2003


Good morning boys and girls,
dear parents, sisters and brothers,
aunts and uncles!!!

The following internet–diary is about the "Summer High Seas High School®" 2003!!!
25 boys and girls aged from 12 up to 17, sixteen adult crew members and two children sailed 1.925 miles on board the triple–masted topsail schooner "Thor Heyerdahl" to England, Eire and Scotland this summer. While sailing around the British Isles we visited Dover, London, Falmouth, Dublin, Stornoway and Lerwick to learn about cultural aspects of this places. We tried to speak English as well as learn how to sail the ship and organize outdoor–expeditions. In the end the responsibility to sail the "Thor Heyerdahl" on our own, without the help of the adult crewmembers, was given to us!!!


If you want to know a little bit about what happened during the project, we invite you to visit this diary. It was written by a small project group directly from the Summer HSHS 2003. Just click on the active linked days in the calender on the right. It’s also possible to see some nice pictures that we have prepared especially for our internet visitors. We want to apologize for the fact that the diary is online very late, but we weren’t succesful with our plan to publish the diary at once. The "Summer High Seas High School®" is an English project, so the diary naturally is written in English. We hope you like it...if you don’t understand ask your teacher...
If you want to contact us, use the contact-formmailer, if you just want to write a comment we’re looking forward to your opinion that you write down in our guestbook.

Yours sincerely

Almuth, Andreas, Annika, Hannah, Mika and Mareile
(Summer HSHS ’03)

The Summer–HSHS:

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