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The next HSHS trip (the 26th...!!) will start in October 2018 and will voyage from Germany via Tenerife to Panama, Costa Rica, Cuba to the Bermuda Islands, and on the return journey via the Acores back to Germany. You can now apply for this trip until April 30th, 2017. The test trip for this voyage will take place on the Baltic Sea in the first week of June 2017. We only accept applications from 10th or 11th grade grammar school ("Gymnasium") students. All High Seas High School trips are non–smoking trips.

Please send your applications (and include a photocopy) in the traditional application style complete with CV and the school report of the first half of the 10th or 11th grade. Explain your motivation and say why you would like to participate. Please also state if you have special abilities, such as playing an instrument, or if you already have sailing experience. It is not necessary, however, to know how to sail prior to this trip. We try to take as many students as possible on our test trip, even if this goes beyond the regular capacity of the ship. After finishing the test trip the captain and the head of project will decide who will be accepted on the main trip. The test trip is also a chance for you to see if you still stick with your decision. Maximum number of students on the main trip is 26.

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