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For the pedagogical work at the Hermann Lietz–Schule Spiekeroog, projects play a big part. On these pages, hl-aktuell wants to introduce these projects and tries to describe their development. The project High Seas High School (HSHS), the Summer High Seas High School, which was first undertaken in 2002, and the yearbook are three important examples of how the school tries to put education and bringing up of young people, lessons and learning into integrated and true-to-life contexts, and it shows how the school tries to change both the places where people learn and the contents they have to learn. But also minor projects such as the garden project or the sail training of our younger students are good examples of the practice of the Hermann Lietz–Schule to give places where people learn different shapes. Find out more about the individual projects on the next pages (see also the navigation bar on the left).

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