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Welcome at hl–aktuell, the up–to–date website of the Hermann Lietz–Schule Spiekeroog. The Hermann Lietz–Schule Spiekeroog is a boarding school on the North Sea island of Spiekeroog. You are now looking at the 76th edition of this website since we started this webproject. With the help of this webpage, you can find reports about current events at this school and a lot of information about our school–agenda, life at this boarding school and our various projects. As we organize international projects as well (especially the "High Seas High School®"), part of this website is published in English. Please understand that we are not able to translate the complete contents of this site. Thus, part of the links lead to German texts.

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News from HL–Schule Spiekeroog
July 3rd 2012, No. 76

Editorial 76: Sommer...

Lernen: Erste Lietzer "Inseluni" im Juli... (2. Juli 12)

Schule: 4. Tag der Offenen Tür am 14. Juli... (2. Juli 12)

Segeln: Segelwoche der 8. Klasse... (25. Juni 12)

Unterricht: Klasse 10 stellt Jahrbuch 10/11 vor... (25. Juni 12)

Sport: Judo–Turnier auf Lietz... (18. Juni 12)

Segeln: Lietzer erfolgreich bei Pfingstregatta... (31. Mai 12)

Sport: 10. Schlagballturnier... (21. Mai 12)

HSHS: 19. Törn endete in HH... (8. Mai 12)

Praktika: Girls'&Boys'Day auch auf Lietz... (20. April 12)

Deichbau: Ganze Schule pflanzt Strandhafer... (21. März 12)

Klassenfahrt: Der Jahrgang 11 in Berlin... (15. März 12)


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